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  • Excellent Pricing – We are only focused on lending not banking, which means less overhead for us and more savings for you.
  • Fast Turn Times – We have streamlined our mortgage process so we can fund loans quickly.
  • Market Knowledge – We understand how mortgage rates move and will use this knowledge to make sure your rate is locked at an optimal time.
  • Loan Options – We offer Conventional, FHA, VA, Jumbo, Reverse, Bank Statement, DSCR, and Private Money Loan Programs.
  • Industry Experience – Started in 2018, but company leadership has been in the mortgage industry since 2003. We use these many years of experience to make sure you get the best loan possible.
  • Track Record – Check out our google and yelp reviews, they are full of 5 star reviews and happy clients!
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    People Love Us on Yelp! and Google

    • Angie T,Carlsbad, San Diego, CA
      Excellent service! I refinanced my home loan in record time. Fred Bohman explained the process very well and was always available to answer my questions. He even called me while he was on vacation. I wasn’t sure how this could all be done in the new COVID world, but Fred made it easy. I highly recommend Triple Crown Funding and Fred Bohman.
      Angie T - Yelp,Carlsbad, San Diego, CA
    • Terry B,Culver City, CA
      Fred understood my need for a very quick loan and he worked hard to get everything done in time, including arranging with another party to get a crucial deadline extended. I was very new to this process and he also helped me by going through documents and making sure I understood what I was signing. I feel very fortunate to have found Triple Crown Funding!
      Terry B - Yelp,Culver City, CA
    • Joanne O,Los Angeles, CA
      Do you want the best rates ever? Do you want to work with someone who gives you a VIP experience? Use Fred! I’ve previously worked with a big bank for a home loan and it was horrible- they were never around to answer my calls and took days to respond to emails. Communication is key and Fred was excellent at giving me updates and walking me through the whole process. I definitely recommend.
      Joanne O - Yelp,Los Angeles, CA
    • Greg Shagam
      Mr. Bowman was professional, knowledgeable and proficient in preparing my mortgage for my new home. He was very helpful, communicated excellently and provided stellar service by genuinely careing about his clients, their time and interests. I would highly recommend him to family and friends.
      Greg Shagam - Google
    • Hampus Hedlund
      I was very happy to find Fred at TCF for my mortgage. TCF gave me a very competitive rate when shopping for a loan and Fred was very easy to communicate with. As first time home buyers, it was very valuable to have Fred available to help us in the process. Fred was able to fully answer any questions we had and took care of everything in a timely manner, he was very good at replying and was never hard to get a hold of. I would strongly recommend Fred to anyone looking for a mortgage. Experienced, friendly, professional, overall a very good experience dealing with Fred and TCF.
      Hampus Hedlund - Google
    • Matt Oka
      Fred helped me get through a complex deal including seller carry back. A+
      Matt Oka - Google
    • Michael King
      Fred was great to work with. Does what he says and closes efficiently and on time. Definitely will work with him again and will also refer him.
      Michael King - Google
    • Michael King
      I just closed my refinancing loan, I am extremely grateful and happy with this company. Fred was amazing, I had been shopping around trying to refinance and multiple companies told me they couldn't help me at all. I spent a lot of time and even money out of pocket before finally finding someone who was willing to help me. He was very very communicative and was easy to get a hold of. He walked me and explained every step. Overall I'm happy I went with Fred and will definitely be recommending him.
      Rick V - Yelp
    • Sherri P
      Fred Bohman was very helpful, kept us updated through out the process. We are very happy with the excellent service. Thank you!
      Sherri P - Yelp

    Available Loan Programs

    Purchase/Refinance Your Home

    Conventional Conforming

    Standard Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans up to a maximum loan amount of $548,250. Programs are available for cash out refinance, rate and term refinance, and purchases. Income, assets, credit and equity are all looked over by the underwriters when approving you for a conventional conforming loan.

    Conforming High Balance

    Conforming high balance falls between jumbo loans and conforming loans. They offer lower rates than jumbos, but not as low as conforming loans. Each county in the US has its own maximum loan limit based on the average home price in that county. The maximum loan amount for high-end counties is currently $822,375.

    Jumbo Loans

    Jumbo loans are loan amounts that are above the conforming limits set by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Since these loans are not being purchased by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae they are funded by portfolio lenders which hold their own loans instead of selling them to the government agencies. Since these lenders are taking on the risk of default themselves jumbo rates are slightly higher than conforming rates and lending guidelines are slightly stricter.

    FHA Loans

    Federal Housing Administration loans are insured by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and protect the lender against part of their losses in case of a default. Since FHA loans are insured you can borrow up to 96.5% loan to value on rate and term refinances and purchases and up to 80% on cash out refinances.

    VA Loans

    Veteran administration loans are insured by the Department of Veterans Affairs and protect the lender against losses in case of a default. Since the lenders are insured against losses you can borrow 100% of the value of your property. In order to qualify for a VA loan you need to obtain a certificate of eligibility from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    Bank Statement Loans

    Designed for borrowers that make money but don’t show it on their tax returns, this program will use 12 or 24 months bank statements to determine income as opposed to tax returns for conventional loans. This is a great fit for many self-employed borrowers as they many times write off a lot of their income to avoid paying extra taxes. Rates are slightly higher than conventional loans but still very reasonable given that income is not fully verified.

    DSCR Loans

    This program is designed for real estate investors with investment properties that can’t qualify for conventional loans. This program just looks at the cash flow of the subject property and ignores the borrower’s personal income. Ideally the property should cashflow, but in some cases we can even approve the loan with a negative cash flow on the property.

    Reverse Mortgage

    Reverse mortgages are designed for seniors over the age of 62. Instead of making a monthly payment a borrower can draw on their equity and receive money every month or as a lump sum. Income and credit are not as important on a reverse mortgage since you don’t have to make payments. In order to qualify for a reverse mortgage, you need to meet the age requirement and have substantial equity in your home.

    Private Money

    Private money loans or hard money loans are loans made by private investors and are mainly based on the equity of the property. Borrowers seeking private money loans are usually credit challenged or have other qualifying challenges making them unable to qualify for any other type of financing. Private money loans are usually made at a loan to value of 70% or less because of the increased risk to the lender. Also, the rates and fees on a hard money loan are higher than on other types of financing because of the higher risk of default by the borrower.